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Four or Five Times – McKinney's Cotton Pickers

Amerikanische JazzJumpTanzSwing-Aufnahmen von 1928 bis 1930

Bild vom Artikel: Four or Five Times – McKinney's Cotton PickersFour or Five Times (v: George Thomas); Put it there (Shag Nasty); Crying and sighing; Milenberg Joys; Cherry (v: John Napier); Stop kidding (Neckbones and Sauerkraut); Nobody's sweetheart (v: George Thomas); Some sweet day; Shim-me-sha-wabble; It's tight like that (v: George Thomas and band); There's a rainbow 'round my shoulder (v: George Thomas and band); It's a precious little thing called love; Save it, pretty mama (v: Don Redman); I've found a new baby (v: Dave Wilborn); Will you, won't you be my babe?; Beedle-um-bum (v: George Thomas and band); Do something; Sellin' that stuff (v: George Thomas); Plain dirt; Gee, ain't I good to you? (v: Don Redman); I'd love it; The way I feel today (v: Don Redman); Miss Hannah (v: Don Redman); Peggy; Wherever there's a will, Baby (v: Don Redman); I'll make fun for you (v: Dave Willborn); Words can't express the way I feel (v: George Thomas) ULTRAPHON
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