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Swingin in a Hammock – Billy Barton und sein Orchester

in Berliner Ultraphon-Aufnahmen von 1930 und 1931

Bild vom Artikel: Swingin in a Hammock – Billy Barton und sein OrchesterBlue is the night; How am I to know?; Sunny side up; I may be wrong but I think you're wonderful; Kickin' a hole in the sky; The Japanese sandman; Swingin' in a hammock; So I picks up my ukulele; A big bouquet for you; A girl friend of a boy friend of mine; Blueberry lane; Dancing with tears in my eyes; Gee, but I like to make you happy; The dance of the wooden shoes; Get happy; Hullaballoo; I lost my gal from Memphis; I'm singing my way 'round the world; I'm telling the world she's mine; Just a little closer; Just a little dance, Mam'selle; Why was I born?; My baby just cares for me; Piccolo Pete; Puttin' it on for baby; The sleepy town express
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