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Verschiedene Big Bands Vol. I

Riviera Jazz aus Italien

Bild vom Artikel: Verschiedene Big Bands Vol. IHere are, at last, the almost unobtainable early Italian jazz records of those pioneers whose stories are told in Adriano Mazzoletti's book "Il jazz in Italia. Dalle origini alle grandi orchestre". Twenty-four tracks from 1912-33, and two more that the great violinist Alfio Grasso recorded at a late age. The most popular bands (Ambassadors, Blue Star, Di Piramo, Moleti, Carlini, Ferri, Mediolana, Louisiana, Mirador), the best soloists (Galli, Rizza, Morea), expatriate leaders (Deiro, Rumolino, Abriani, Formiggini, Curti), and foreigners in Italy (Riviera Five, Herb and Harry Flemming).
Ambassador's Syncopated Orchestra, Mediolana Jazz Band, Orchestra Blue Star, Piero Rizza's Louisiana Band, Orchestra Jazz Carlini, Orchestra Harry Flemming, Orchestra Mirador
1. DEIRO RAG (Allegro Deiro) (Guido Deiro) ©1912
2. AT THE JAZZ BAND BALL (Dominic La Rocca) ©1919
3. GOLDEN FOX TROT (Francis Salabert-Ernesto Huguety Tagell) ©1919
4. ORIGINAL CHARLESTON STRUT (Thomas Morris) ©1923
5. IT HAD TO BE YOU (Isham Jones, Gus Kahn) ©1924
6. DOG TAIL BLUES (Sid Phillips) ©1925
7. NOBODY'S BUSINESS (Riley Puckett) ©1925
8. SAY IT AGAIN (Billy Murray) ©1925
9. MY CUTEY'S DUE AT TWO-TO-TWO TODAY (La mia fidanzata è arrivata oggi alle due meno due) (Albert Von Tilzer-Irving Bibo-Leo Robin) ©1926
10. THAT'S WHY I LOVE YOU (Ecco perché ti amo) (Walter Donaldson, Paul Ash) ©1926
11. JUST ONCE AGAIN (Walter Donaldson – Paul Ash) ©1928
12. STATIC STRUT (Erskine Tate) ©1928
13. GLAD RAG DOLL (Milton Ager-Dan Daugherty-Jack Yellen) ©1929
14. I CAN'T GIVE YOU ANYTHING BUT LOVE (Dorothy Fields-Jimmy McHugh) ©1929
15. MY BEST STUFF (Piero Rizza) ©1929
16. MISTER BREAK (Umberto Manzetti) ©1931
17. JUNGLE BLUE SONG (H.McGin) ©1931
18. STARDUST (Hoagy Carmichael, Mitchell Parish) ©1932
19. AT YOUR COMMAND (Harry Barris-Harry Tobias-Bing Crosby) ©1932
20. AFTER YOU'VE GONE (Turner Layton-Henry Creamer) ©1962
21. SWEET GEORGIA BROWN (Ben Bernie-Maceo Pinkard-Kenneth Casey) ©1925
22. NITOUCHE (Gaetano Nervetti) ©1933
23. DOIN' THE NEW LOW DOWN (Jimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields) ©1933
24. SWAYING MOVEMENTS (Guido Curti, Tillymoon) ©1933
25. HYLTON STOMP (Billy Ternent) ©1933
26. DIXIE (Harry Flemming) ©1933
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