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Jazz in Italy Small Groups

GIAMPIERO BONESCHI e il suo Complesso, Trio GAMBARELLI, ERALDO VOLONTE' e la sua Orchestra
Riviera Jazz aus Italien

Bild vom Artikel: Jazz in Italy Small GroupsFranco Mojoli, Claudio Gambarelli, Eraldo Volonté and a very young Giampiero Boneschi, are the protagonists of this CD from Riviera Jazz Records dedicated to Italian Jazz with the first recordings made in Italy after the war and published for the first time on CD after fiftyfive years.
Among those musicians, we find a very young Giampiero Boneschi (he was born in 1927), a sure bet for the future. Next to him we find some of the musicians who caracterized the excellent italian jazz of that period: Mojoli, Gambarelli, Ruggeri, Poli, D'Elia and others who will be protagonists of the future italian jazz: Eraldo Volonté, Franco Cerri, Gilberto Cuppini, Henghel Gualdi, Roberto Nicolosi.
1. SIXTH AVENUE EXPRESS (Pete Johnson) ©1941
2. TUXEDO JUNCTION (Erskine Hawkins-Julian Dash-William Johnson) ©1940
3. WHY DO I LIE TO MYSELF ABOUT YOU? (J.Fred Coots-Benny Davis) ©1936
4. MOONLIGHT BECOMES YOU (Jimmy Van Heusen-Johnny Burke) ©1942
5. OH LADY BE GOOD! (George & Ira Gershwin) ©1924
6. MALINCONICA ISPIRAZIONE (Giampiero Boneschi) ©1945
7. I WONDER WHERE MY BABY IS TONIGHT (Walter Donaldson-Gus Kahn) ©1925
8. BACK DOOR RAG (Mel Powell) ©1945
9. MODERATO IN RE MINORE (Franco Mojoli) ©1945
10. HONEYSUCKLE ROSE (Thomas Waller-Andy Razaf) ©1929
11. I'M FREE (Bob Haggart) ©1938
12. BOOGIE WOOGIE PER TRE (Giampiero Boneschi) ©1945
13. BODY AND SOUL (Johnny Green-Ed Heyman-Robert Sauer-Frank Eyton) ©1930
14. I WANT TO BE HAPPY (Vincent Youmans-Irving Caesar) ©1925
15. I'M BEGINNING TO SEE THE LIGHT (Duke Ellington-Johnny Hodges-Harry James-Don George ©1944
16. TRUCKIN' (Rube Bloom-Ted Koehler) ©1935
17. ORIGINAL WOOGIE (Giampiero Boneschi) ©1946
18. BOOGIE AND SWING (Giampiero Boneschi) ©1946
19. AL GELO (Giampiero Boneschi-Roberto Nicolosi) ©1946
20. LEAVE US LEAP (Ed Finckel) ©1945
21. APPLE HONEY (Woody Herman) ©1945
22. BONESCHIANA (Giampiero Boneschi) ©1947
23. STRINGENDO (On the Sunny Side of the Street) (J.McHugh-D.Fields-arr.Bonesch
i) ©1930/1949
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