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Hot Dance mit dem ORCHESTRA JAZZ COLUMBIA 1929-1931

Riviera Jazz aus Italien

Bild vom Artikel: Hot Dance mit dem ORCHESTRA JAZZ COLUMBIA 1929-1931For the first time on CD, the rare jazz recordings realized by the first Italian jazz band in the 1930s. In 1931, a twelve musicians orchestra was created in order to record the American and European jazz productions that were invading the editorial market. The Orchestra Jazz Columbia, precursor of many Big Bands that later were founded in Italy, included some of the best Italian and European jazz sidemen and soloists, such as the Belgian altosax player, David Bee, and the Italian sax and clarinet player, Piero Rizza.
1. IL RE DEI BAR (The Wonder Bar) (Irving Caesar – Robert Katscher) ©1931
2. LISETTA VA ALLA MODA (Elisabeth) (Irving Caesar – Robert Katscher) ©1931
3. MY BOY (Chiarella) ©1929
4. I LOVE YOU (Dol Dauber) ©1930
5. COME ROSA SBOCCIA AMORE (Dol Dauber) ©1929
6. SUONA PER ME (Daniele Dax) ©1930
7. ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON (David Bee) ©1930
8. NAVIGANDO CON TE (Daniele Dax) ©1931
9. SHOO THE HOODOO AWAY (Will S. Harris – Ted Snyder) ©1929
10. WITHOUT YOU, DEAR (Peter Packay) ©1930
11. OKAY, BABY (Maceo Pinkard – William Tracey) © 1930
12. CRAZY BANJO (Daniele Dax) ©1930
13. ON THE SUNNY SIDE OF THE STREET (Jimmy McHugh- Dorothy Fields) ©1930
14. LUDOVICO (Vittorio Mascheroni – Marf) – take 1 – ©1931
15. BABY (Abel) – take 2 – ©1931
16. LUDOVICO (Vittorio Mascheroni – Marf) – take 2 – ©1931
17. LOLLY POPS (Harry Reser) ©1923
18. TEASIN' THE FRETS (Colicchio) ©1922
Import aus Italien, es kann zu Lieferzeiten von bis zu 14 Tagen kommen

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